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Super Shrimps: Shrimp Chum Pellets 2 LBS
Super Shrimps: Shrimp Chum Pellets 2 LBS
  • Model: Super Shrimp 2 LBS
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  • Manufactured by: Aquatic Nutrition Inc.


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Shrimp... That's What Reef Fish Love    Super Shrimps Reef and Bottom Fish Chum is made with over 90% whole Shrimp combined with fish, Squid, Shellfish bits and Bait-Fish oil.

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These pellets are designed to slowly dissolve emitting an irresistible trail of scent bits, down current of your location. Bottom fish, of all types, follow the trail to its source. Excellent for Snapper, Grouper, Hogfish, Stripped Bass, Yellowtail, attracting Bait-Fish and all the other fish that love shrimp. Shelf stable chum offers many benefits:

  • No refrigeration necessary means lower holding cost for the retailer and no risk of spoilage to the consumer. Risk of spoilage is a top concern that limits customers from buying larger quantities of chum.
  • Compact and Dry. One pound of SuperShrimps is equal to over 7 pounds of fresh shrimp!
  • Customer can use the amount they need making them more comfortable buying larger quantities of chum.
  • Includes a disposable chum bag. Comes in a 2 lb resealable bag.
  • Pellets are 3 different dissolve rates fast, medium, and slow lasting up to 2, 4, and 6 hrs. to give you a constant slick.


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