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There are two ways to catch fish:

Bottom Feast Chum Block is a sinking block of shrimp that does not rapidly break down.  

It requires no refrigeration.  

Place this block of chum in the general area where bottom fish are present.  

The block immediately starts dispensing shrimp scent which draws all species of bottom feeding fish.  

They start picking at the block which continually emits small bits of shrimp that draw more and larger fish.

These fish are now able to be targeted with your baited hook.  

Drop the block to the bottom and mark the location on your GPS, or attach a light line and marker buoy to it.

Drift over this spot with your boat and catch fish!  

This block is equal to 12 lbs of fresh shrimp. Bottom Feast is used up only as it is eaten by the fish so there is little waste.

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