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                                          A proven technique for all types of bottom fish involves using chum/sand balls. Traditionally this meant sourcing out those ingredients you could find, getting some sand, and mixing it all together hoping it would work. When you get it right you catch fish. Get it wrong and it does not hold together causing frustration out on the water when you should be reeling up fish.

Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix Chum Ball in Hand

Chum Drop is a complete dry kit that eliminates frustration and catches fish. This premixed chum ball mix incorporates key ingredients including Steamed Rolled Oats, Fish, Shrimp, Squid, Clam, Crab and Bait fish Oils  combined with special ingredients to keep the ball together, as it drops, while emitting a cloud of scent to the bottom. As it rests on the bottom, it slowly breaks apart releasing small floating bits that rise up from the bottom and drift down current attracting schools of hungry fish.

Chum Cloud

Snapper fishing is an exciting sport. It doesn’t matter whether it is Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper or any of the other Snapper varieties, they all respond favorably to chum. Fishing with chum has a trickle down effect. Chum attracts all the smaller fish such as grunts, pinfish, pigfish, whitebait, Blue Runners, and most other smaller fish. They all tear into the chum creating a lot of commotion.  Big Snapper move in to see what the commotion is about and to bully away the smaller fish for an easy meal. When fishing for Snapper in Florida, many times we will use Chum Drop  wrapped around our baited hook and send it down. The small fish pick away the ball of Chum Drop and the larger snappers move in to engulf the bait. Detecting a bite when snapper fishing using braided line is very easy. Use a sliding sinker rig. Rest your sinker on the bottom while keeping your line tight. You will feel the tell tale picking of smaller fish on the ball of chum drop. Quickly you will notice the tapping goes away. This is because the smaller fish are running away from the bait and a bigger fish is nearby. The telltale indication is usually one or two large taps and in some cases the snapper running away quickly (back to cover of course).

mangrove Snapper Love Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix

 has been used extensively in snapper fishing and grouper fishing. Regardless of what fishing bait is hidden inside. We like to use Sardines, Squid, and chunks of Bonito. in some instances smaller fish are very aggressive and we will use a tougher inside bait such as a chunk of Pinfish. The benefit of Chum Drop lies in the fact that it creates a feeding frenzy around the bait and clouds the water making wary larger Snapper move in close to take a look. Grouper fishing, Snapper fishing, bottom fishing, whatever type of fishing you do, be sure you have a bag of Chum Drop on the boat. It requires no refrigeration and can turn the bite on!

Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix

When reef fish are holding tight to structure or there is not much current to stream your chum back from the boat, a very effective way to get them biting is to hide your baited hook inside of the Sand Ball Chum. The idea behind this new type of chum system is to drop a ball of weighted chum to the bottom where it rapidly disperses and creates a feeding frenzy on the spot.


Hidden in the middle of the ball is your baited hook ready to be eaten.

Sand Ball Chum is a combination of natural ingredients including:

When these ingredients are all combined, the mixture forms a putty, with a consistency of play dough, which allows you to form it around your baited hook.

This type of chumming works great on all reef fish and in slack water conditions.

Directions: Mix Chum Cloud liquid with dry ingredients Let stand 10 minutes Compress into a ball around your baited hook Hold on and get ready to reel! Chum Drop Chum Ball Sample Rolled Oats Chum Drop Chum Ball Ingredient Chum Cloud Mix only what you need… very little waste! Yellowtail Snapper Love Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix Mutton Snapper Love Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix Red Snapper Chum Drop Chum Ball Sinking to the bottom Sign Up

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Chum Ball Kit