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For chumming the reef, nothing is quicker, easier, or more effective than Mojo Fishing Oats from Aquatic Nutrition™.

Like charter captains who painstakingly mix their own chum, Mojo Fishing Oats uses oatmeal as a bonding base in this premium commercial reef fishing recipe.

Mangrove Snapper Love Mojo Fishing Oats Fishing Oats

The oats are mixed with real shrimp and coated in Menhaden oil, creating a rich blend of feeding stimulants that can be ready for dispersal in just minutes.

Each bag of Mojo Fishing Oats contains 9.1 lbs. of base.

For best results, mix with 1 gallon of Aquatic Nutrition Chum Cloud® (sold separately) in a 5-gallon bucket to form a thick slurry, then use a spoon or ladle to seed your fishing area. You can also add a block of frozen chum (not included)  to supercharge your mixture when conditions are extra-tough.

Great for drift fishing;

simply chum as you drift, and fish the cloud in your wake.

Great for drift fishing on the reef

Yellowtail Snapper Love Mojo Fishing Oats Hogfish Love Mojo Fishing Oats Grouper Love Mojo Fishing Oats