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No Refrigeration Necessary

Shelf Stable and available in a 5 LB kit

Bring More Sharks

Sharks locate distant feeding opportunities mainly through scent. Bloodstream creates a Chum Slick throughout the water column and draws sharks from  miles away.

When the ingredients are mixed together, a solid block of chum forms. Place the block in the included chum bag and hang off the back of the boat or suspend it deep below the boat to attract many pelagic species. BLOODSTREAM is also very effective in attracting Sharks when fishing from shore. (We must caution you to make absolutely sure that there are no swimmers or surfers in the area you are fishing, for obvious reasons!).

BLOODSTREAM Top Predator Chum is a blood based shark fishing chum that combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily prey species, bait-fish oils and solids that draws sharks from miles away. Each 5 lb kit contains the scent equivalent of 100 lbs of fresh bloody chum. Continuous slow dissolving formula lasts up to 8 hours.

This kit contains: Dry Mix, Mixing Bag, Chum Cloud Activation Liquid, Disposable Chum Bag, and Instructions.

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A portion of Each Sale of BLOODSTREAM is Donated to the Research of Shark Species Worldwide. We Encourage Catch and Release Recreational Shark Fishing.

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Only on orders shipped to addresses within the contiguous USA

A single five pound kit will produce a Chum Slick 47 MILES long, 50 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

Shark Jaws

BLOODSTREAM Top Predator Chum excites a primal reaction in top predators who rely heavily on scent to locate prey. The scent of blood is one of the most powerful attractants in nature.

We have done extensive testing and development of Bloodstream Chum while shark fishing in Florida coastal waters.

Shark fishing is an exciting way to spend an afternoon or weekend. Use Bloodstream as your primary shark fishing chum and you will be surprised with what swims up behind the boat or close to shore.

BLOODSTREAM offers you portability, convenience and ultimately success when fishing for shark. Don’t go fishing without it.

Each kit contains: a mixture of raw attractants coupled with a carrier agent designed to leave a scent trail that is easy to follow. Prior to use, the liquid (Chum Cloud) and other dry ingredients are mixed together, in the included mixing bag, to make a long lasting Chum Block which is then placed into the disposable mesh chum bag and hung off the back of the boat or as far out in the surf as you can get it when fishing from shore.

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Not For Human Consumption

Certain ingredients that are used in this product, such as the porcine or bovine blood, cannot be imported into certain countries. Please check your countries Import restrictions prior to placing an order