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In many cases the difference between success or failure, when fishing, comes down to the use of feeding stimulants.  Yellowtail Up  Snapper Chum is a mix of various Baitfish, Shrimp, Squid, Clams, Menhaden & Pogey Oils, Rolled Oats and other powerful attractants all combined into an easy to use Chum that gets fish feeding. It draws them away from cover and helps you cath them! It is Made in USA.

Yellow Tail SnapperYellowtail Up

Only on orders shipped to addresses within the contiguous USA

School of Yellowtail School of Yellowtail

To use:

Yellowtail Up solves the two biggest problems when fishing for Yellowtail, sight and scent. Yellowtail fishing can be very frustrating in clear water. These fish have very keen vision and can easily detect your hook and line. Yellowtail Up consists of very fine natural ingredients that cloud the water around your bait forcing the Yellowtail to rely more on feeding by scent than sight. As Yellowtail Up drifts back, with the current, to the school of fish, the larger bite size chunks, of attractant in the cloud, entice the fish and stimulate their natural competitive nature to feed. As this happens the school of Yellowtail Snapper will move in closer to the source of the chum… your boat!

Yellowtail Up is highly effective for Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Mutton Snapper and it will also draw in all types of bait fish, Grouper and other opportunistic feeders.

Yellowtail Up:

Yellowtail… Probably THE most popular fish in South Florida. They Are fun to catch, delicious, and accessible  to almost everyone.Snapper Love Yellowtail Up Chum Our Face Book Page